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  • Prolyte Truss PROLYTE TRUSS
    Prolyte Truss H30V Box Trussing made and supplied by Prolyte. All Prolyte Structures trusses are designed and manufactured according to a strict philosophy that emphasizes simplicity, standardisation, ease-of-use, configuration flexibility and, last but not least, absolute safety.
    The MPT tower is based on H30V truss and employs a sleeve block that fits on to the truss. This allows for a square or U shape truss structure to be quickly assembled and lifted. This structure can vary in size and can be used to suspend anything from performers to lights to props. It can also be used as a raising/lowering platform with the use of electric chain motors.
  • Generator GENERATOR
    Mobile Atlas Copco QAX30 generator. This 30KVA, 24 KW, 400V portable generator is sturdy robust and reliable. With a maximum sound pressure level of 66 dB at 7m and 75% load.
  • Cable cam / DJI Ronin CABLE CAM / DJI RONIN
    The Filmriggers cable cam uses the DJI Ronin, a 3 axis stabilising gimbal that can work with most cameras up to 7.25kg. From the DJI Ronin remote control unit the tilt, pan and roll of the camera can be managed. A two axis (front-back and up/down) camera flying system can be set up to cover a large distance in a straight line.
  • Electric Performer Winches ELECTRIC PERFORMER WINCHES
    Variable speed electric winches used for aerial and flying work. The winches run off 220V 15 amp and have a working limit of 120 KG. The winches can be used to fly artists, cameras, props, cameramen and dancers. Heavier loads are easily lifted by adding pulley systems to gain mechanical advantage.
  • Film Riggers CM Lodestar Electric Chain Motor CM LODESTAR ELECTRIC CHAIN MOTOR
    Half ton CM Lodestar electric chain motors are used for applications such as lifting and securing overhead truss systems, lighting arrays and speaker clusters. Taking centre stage is the CM Lodestar electric chain hoist which is recognized worldwide as the industry workhorse.